It seems like yesterday i walked into this class for the very first time and now i am going for my last class today. I have had nothing but FUN in this class this year. I feel like i learned so much and so much that just doesnt deal with this class but things in this class that i can use in other courses, papers, annoations, citations, etc. I had a wonderful time with the projects and really enjoyeed how they were not lengthy papers instead they were fun things to get your point across. I feel like if everyt teacher would do like this with their projects kids would be much more excited about doing it!


It is crazy to thnk about why i choose the topic that i chose for my portfolio 3, but the main reason i did was because of my boyfriend. You never really think about what the effects of your job are until you really dig deep and learn about it. After learning everything that i have leanred i have a totally different look on this aspect now. I dont look at it as saving lives of the people who are hurt or homes burning but now i look at it as its about YOU the firefighter. They really need to know who is important. I hope and think that after i have done this and let my boyfriend watch it that he will realize what is important. I hope i can reach out to firefighters today and the future ones also!

I have never been the technology blessed kind of person i know just enough about technoogy to type a paper, search the web but when it came down to portfolio 3 and having to make a movie i was LOST. I had to take the time and teach myself. yes i attended the class session where Professor Lackey taught us how to use movie maker in the computer lab but i was still lost. I went home and sat infront of the computer for hours and hours until i finally figured out what i needed to do. Now i have to say that i feel like a genius. I now know how to make movies, add pictures, sounds and all that fun stuff. Not just only in this class was this helpful but also leanring it for my future. Since i am going to be a teacher i think it owuld be fun to have a lesson by a movie in my classroom one day. This was very stressful but so far i am doing great and continue to try my best!

I do not know about everyone else but i am getting really excited that it is almost the end of the semester! I have been stressed so bad these last few weeks over this portfolio 3 and everything else that i have due. Now that i am almost coming to the end of this i am starting to feel very relived. Being almost done with this feels really good, i am presenting tomorrow for my DRAFT and hope that i make everyone realize what i am trying to get across and then also i hope i receiveĀ  some feedback that will help me for my final project! I have learned so much about technology like the movie maker and also informed myself about the question i had on my project!

Today in class we had some people share the STORY BOARDS/MOVIES that we have started working on for our final portfolio. I am glad we did this because at first i will be honest i was really confused about what was expected and what i was going to need to focus on and make sure i do for this portfolio. As i watched Hana’s movie today she did a wonderful job and by watching hers it made me realize what was expected and what i will need to do!

When i was looking for a video the first thing that came to my mind was finding a video to encourage people/ firefighters mostly to be careful with the way they live their daily lives. With this video about “Heart attack-prevention” it makes statements about why you should look out for it and things you can do to help yourself and your life and WHY you should do it. These are real people who have been through this same part of their lffe and they are trying to help people realize the importants of prevention before its to late!

I have never heard of a story board in my life until this class. I read the articles that were reccomend for class today and they really gave me a really good idea of what a story board was. A story board to me is like a CARTOON type story of the movie that i am going to eventually make for this class for my last and final portfolio. TheĀ  reading “WHY USE A STORY BOARD”, really made helped me get a better undestanding of why, what and how to do a story board. I understand now that this is just a rough draft and a drawing of my movie that i am planning on doing. I also think that story board would be helpful for many other types or classes and or projects. This is a very interesting thing and i plan on doing a story board for my entire movie just to make sure i get to where i am going!